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    APE 10 problem with saving preferences,, each time i open project it will have reverted to default .


      Hey all, wonder if you can help me.

      Running APE 10, on a very fast quad core I7 Windows 7 64bit...

      have used many generations of APE, but am struggling with this one.

      (1) Nothing seems to save on my preferences .... what i mean is :- (a) The projects panel..... find a free bit to RT click on to revel new folder, get media from etc ...till i get to "EDIT COLUMNS" so each time i now open a saved project i have to re set my preferences to to my desired way .... every time i open the project, a project it will have returned to default setting of name, usage, media type, frame rate. duration etc.....

      This is so frustrating ....having to re do this every time .......Is this normal...... it never was in any of the other incarnations... it always remembered my settings..

      (2).... so i'm looking at my time line..... i have a 25min project open i have used x4 video and audio tracks.... I render as i go along (so that there are no red bits on the time line ruler....) so now i'm looking at an all green time line ruler (except where the project has been rendered.. and that is gray) so i have multiple interuptions of green where it has been rendered... so i do some more ....couple of hrs later . render ...save .... close.....  Only to find that when i re - open. there is multiple red unrendered bits ....loads of red where prior to saving and closing there was gray. This again is so frustrating as i want to re render it all again before i continue editing...

      Any one have any ideas........ Please appeciate any wisdom to rectify sit rep.


      Email is rev4v9@yahoo.co.uk