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    Up-grading to CS5 and about actions and plug-ins


      Is there a fast, easy way to import my actions and additional plug-ins from my CS4 photoshop to my new upgraded CS5 photoshop.  Or do I have to install them all over, individually?  HELP!

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Don't try for "fast and easy".  You will more likely get into trouble - this has been shown time and again.




            • See if the manufacturer has released an update that's Photoshop CS5-compatible and get that if so.
            • Run the installer if they provided one.
            • If the installer doesn't see the new Photoshop, you may have to isolate the plug-in files (there may be supporting files) and copy them manually.  If this is the case, let us know here in a follow-up message - the description how to do that can be complex.
            • Create a new folder, separate from Photoshop's installation area and one you're going to keep, into which to put manually-installed plug-ins.  Point Photoshop's Extra Plug-ins folder at the new folder.
            • For those plug-ins without installers, copy your manually-installed plug-ins to your new folder.  Restart Photoshop CS5 to get it to see them there.





            • Older actions are usually perfectly compatible with Photoshop CS5, but it doesn't hurt to check to see if the maker has issued a newer set.
            • For those that you created, modified, or don't know where you got, in your older Photoshop click the set name once to highlight it, then click the little fly-out icon at the upper-right of the ACTIONS panel, and choose Save Actions.  Save them in a folder separate from the Photoshop installation area.
            • You can usually just double-click a .atn file to load it into the newer version of Photoshop.  If not, use the fly-out menu and choose Load Actions.



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              Jeffrey Tranberry Adobe Employee

              Move actions, presets, and workspaces from Photoshop CS4 to CS5: http://bit.ly/bZQ0cy


              Plug-ins you shouldn't move. Check for the latest updates for your 3rd party plug-ins. You should use the manufacturers installer to install the plug-ins for CS5. It's too easy to accidentally not move all the required files from one version to another. Additiaonally, if you're on a Mac, CS5 is 64-bit and CS4 is 32-bit, many older plugins many not be compatible