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    Theres a ghost haunting my timeline.

    preditorj40153117 Level 1

      I have a TL (avc1080p24) that i i copied the clips from and put into a avchd 720p60 timeline(TL).


      Clip were shot in AVCHD 720p60 but for some reason my assistant edited it in a 1080p60 timeline. Thats why i copied. The clips were introduced into the project as mts files and those mts file were edited.


      All of the tittle clips that were doubled woth a blend mode applied came into the 720p60 TL too large and i had to adjust to get them tittle safe.


      NOW , the 5th clip in the timeline which comes just before a tittle on a black screen seems to produce a freeze frame over the following tittle and then goes back to normal play on the next clip after the tittle. It only does it on that tittle and no other.


      The tittle is made up of 1 jpg (v1), a tittle (gerated in pp - v2) and a duplicate of that tittle with a blend mode (v3). It is not nested or grouped.



      I have dumped render files and restarted pp and it is still there. How do i fix this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This sounds like PP is just getting stuck on the real time playback.


          Is there a problem with the export?

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            preditorj40153117 Level 1

            Yes. This does come out in the exported file (h264 & prores). I am starting to wonder if there is some type of cache that could be deleted. It even now shows up in the tittle editor. Here is s some pictures.



            This is a shot of the TL and tl monitor/canvas as is.

            as is 1st shot.png


            This is where the ghost is.


            as is with ghost.png



            so i removed the clip before the tittle.


            without pre-clip.png


            After removing the clip before tittle. The tittle looks like.....


            no preclip but in tittle.png


            so i opened the tittle editor which use to make it go away but lookie lookie.


            image in tittle editor.png


            so i removed the tittle that was on v3 got this clean tittle.


            remove the blend clip.png


            I then readded the clip.


            remove and re-add.png


            No Ghost. but no render either.


            no ghost no render.png


            Render it and then insert evil laugh.


            new haunting.png


            A brand new ghost.


            Honestly i am just ognna have to forget about the extra pop that the blend mode gives to the green text. This is just madness.


            BTW, the render does not remove the yellow render bar over the clip before the tittle. In fcp its called a proxy warning but is rarely serious.

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              preditorj40153117 Level 1

              One last thing. with one tittle above the jpg (diamond ring) and uniform scale checked the tittle disappears in normal blend mode. But if i switch the tittle frame's blend to overlay it then allow the jpg to be seen.

              The jpg also looks like it is on the top video track. Check out the word diamonds in this screen shot. Also note that the image (diamond ring) now shows up in the tittler too. Not sure if pp is design to do that or not.


              reversed v-trk.png

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                Daniel_Peterson Level 1

                Hey this may or maynot help but try closing all your open applications including PP and even copy>rename the PP file to see if its just a corupt file... worked for me with bugs like this before, but if not... hope you figure it out.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  I have to admit, I'm very confused about what's going on here.