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    default HTML Gallery: How to make Slider for 'thumb.width' & apply output sharpening on thumbnails



      I am in the process of teaching myself the LRWebengine by modifing the file 'galleryInfo.lrweb' which is default HTML Gallery.

      I am intensively reading and using SDK 3.0.

      Not sure whether I am asking in the right forum but give it a try anyway.


      What I'd like to achive is to have a slider allowing to change the width of the thumbnails in the section for Grid Pages and later to apply output sharpening on thumbnails.


      Currently the size for the thumbnails width & height is set to 130px (["photoSizes.thumb.height"] = 130)

      There is no problem to change the size for all thumbnails manually by changing this and its associated values at lines 96, 110, 114, 134, 138 in galleryInfo.lrweb.


      What I'd like to find out is the following:

      - how to properly include a slider row in the section for 'Grid pages' (presumably right after line 358)

      - how to create a variable (eg. $sliderThumbWidth) from the selected slider-value

      - so that this variable can be used to replace the current preset values at lines (96, 110, 114, 134, 138)

      - later and in addition, apply sharpening 'high' (level=3) on output for thumbnails


      First I thought I'd be able to figure it out by myself, but after two days of fiddling it seems that I can't. I am stuck with the creation of the variable '$sliderThumbWidth' and assume that the new 'slider_row' is not coded properly.


      Hope someone can give me hints and will help me out on this.

      Thanks for your attention.