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    how to decrease photo frame width in photoshop?


      hi guys


      i have a small question to ask to the experts....i want to decrease the width of a wooden frame psd file to suit my design "the frame is so thick"
      simply scaling it down wont do the trick beacuase i will have only small version of it and i want to keep it general size "apart from its width obviously"


      in other words how to make the frame "thinner" but keep the size of it?


      thank you all in advance

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Well, here's one possibility:


          1.  Duplicate the document as several different documents.

          2.  Stretch one of them in the vertical dimension only, and the other in the horizontal dimension only.

          3.  Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to copy the longer, thinner sections independently and paste them in another image.


          Or you could generate a new frame...  There's a great(!) set of free framing actions out there made by a great guy named Bud Guinn online.  My internet connection is acting up today, and I couldn't complete a Google search for some reason, but look for "Bud Guinn framing action".


          Here's one link that shows them off...