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    Creating CMS need help on tutorials

    spooonynick Level 1

      Hello. I have found a few tutorials online which arn't much help. so i have searched again and all i find is people making simple CMS with no user access. e.g. admin, mod, no mysql data hardly,   I need tutorials so that normaly users can only do set things.   where as admin's and mod an make/create posts etc when a user log's in they will be able to see different things etc  is there any tutorial for this?  cause at the moment all i have is db.php done. and db.class.php done  login.php done.  and blank footer, header. and index.  I already have a website made but its in html. and css. im sure there is a way in Dreamweaver i can combined everything or by code.  so If possible could you please help me out with creating this cms with tutorials etc