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    Watch folders are totally useless as they freeze Media Encoder

    AtonMusic Level 2



      Decided to finally try the Watch folder thing.

      Wish I hadn't...


      I added 10 watch folders, each with a separate output destination.

      then I added the files to the 10 watch folders. All set to output Prores 4444.


      I had "Auto-Encode Watch folders" un-checked. But that did NOT seem to interes AME ONE BIT. It started encoding right away. Typical adobe.


      Anyway, during encode, AME will just stop encoding a file it is encoding. Progress will come to a halt and AME, of course, wont continue on its own.

      It will however, remove the original file from the folder and add it to the originals folder it creates in the watch folder location. Leading the user to believe that file

      has been encoded.


      To those of you contemplating using this poorly implemented feature, dont. considering the time it takes to setup multiple watch folder and the halts that AME are doing,

      I promise you that you are better off manually encoding the files. Or use Apple Compressor. This one does it and might I add a WHOLE LOT faster than AME.


      To the AME Development team....


      The point of a watch folder is to have AME to something automatically, and NOT overlooking it all the time.


      I guess you chose to call it watch folder because the user has to watch over AME while it encodes.


      Up your game....