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    How to make direct selection handles visible against pasteboard?

    black pawn

      When I go to transform/resize images inside frames using the direct selection tool, I can't see the handles of the actual image because they are white against a white pasteboard.  I am using InDesign CS5 (ver 7.0.4) on a Mac. I have been using InDesign for a few years and never noticed this was a problem; all of a sudden, the handles seem invisble. I don't remember what the color scheme was before. (Maybe I am losing my mind). Did the colors change with an update? There is an option in preferences to select the color of the pasteboard, but this doesn't seem to have any effect. In the meantime, I can't find the handles to resize/transform images. I can input a percentage for scaling, but this is only useful sometimes. How do I make direct selection handles visible against the pasteboard?