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    Video bit depth for broadcast TVC's? (and audio levels query)

    Daniel_Peterson Level 1

      Bit Depth - does anyone know if exporting at maximum bit depth is a problem for broadcast TV?

      Export Settings-2.jpg

      I am about to upload a 30sec TV commercial to Adstream and want to get some feedback on the technical specs before I do, because they charge my client per upload, so any mistake I make costs them.

      I now have some new options in PPCS5.5 and AME that I didn't have before.


      Also anyone know the audio level required for broadcast... When I use Final Cut Pro suites for broadcast I've learnt by direct feedack from Adstream that it should be at or below -9dB on the meters.



      So currently I am exporting the sequence to Audition then finalising the audio with the 'hard limit' effect to achieve a consistent level at -9dB.


      By the way if anyone wants to chuck in some general workflow tips be my guest, I'd be initerested to hear people's experience/thoughts.


      Currently for motion graphics TVC's my workflow consists of -

      Clapper is a nested sequence

      TVC is a dynamic linked AE project

      Audio is sweetened in Audition