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    Timeline designs, like the Timetables of History

    JXNWarner Level 1

      I am creating a "Composers of the Western World" timeline in InDesign.

      Right now it is 600 picas wide by 14" high.

      It is a glorious conception but I am stuck trying to determining the best solution.


      The idea is that:

      Each horizontal pica in my layout represents one year.

      Each composer (text frame) gets 2 picas vertical space (name<br>place, dates, etc)

      and the width (and placement) of their text box is determined by their birth and death year.

      (Actually, if I could script some of this, placement could be refined to the month quite nicely,

      since there are 12 points in a pica and 12 months in the year.)


      Furthermore, I have a hand-placed "lifespan" rule with the "bar" type of arrowheads at the

      beginning and ending -- and behind -- the composer box. This meant that I had to have a

      paper colored rule (width of text) around the composer name/dates to block out the "lifespan" rule

      where it would overlap the composer data.

      Then I wanted to add an en space around the name to keep the rule from touching the text. But it seems

      the enspace (or any other type of space I tried) does not "show up" to block out the rule. Then I

      thought of paper coloring a "0" (zero) to achieve this effect. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


      I would like to have is one text box per composer with a dynamic rule that would automatically resize with the frame.

      Like this TeX macro:


      \def\arrowsout#1#2{% #1=width, #2=text


          \hbox to #1{\kern-.055556em$\leftarrow\mkern-6mu$%


            \kern.4em #2\kern.4em




      Does anyone know what I am talking about?


      Here's a snippet: