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    text box alignment

    home hosp

      i can specify vertical alignment of my text box through text frame options. can i do the same for horizontal alignment.

      i have text flow and i want in right pages the text to have right alignment and in left pages to have left alignment. i dont want to do it manualy, is there a way for each text box to have its own alignment for the text?

      i hope theres a way...

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          No. Horizontal text alignment is not a text frame attribute but a paragraph attribute instead.


          But no reason to despair, give up hope, & do everything manually. If you check the available options for text aligment for paragraphs, you can find "Towards spine" and "Away from spine". Select the appropriate one and you'll see InDesign uses the right side to align to, even if a single paragraph runs over to the next page.

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            home hosp Level 1

            thank you sooooo much!!!