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    Complete Novice-Need to know how to replicate these effects




      I am currently making some instructional videos for work where we help disabled students with computer software. I write all the scripts, get the audio done and create the videos but used to get another guy to produce them and add the finishing touches. He no longer works for us and I desperatly need to get more done but can't figure out how.


      It is the transitions and effects on the video etc. that I can't figure out. I have attached a sample of what I am talking about. It is the transition from the logo to the video that I need to know as well as how to get the logo in the bottom of the screen and the title of the video coming up then fading out. More than happy to pay for this knowledge as I have loads of these to do.


      Please have a look at the sample and let me know if you can help me. Much appreciated.