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    Premiere Pro errors

    Adrtghhjj Level 1

      When I try to save a projects, I get one of these 2 errors:

      - Premiere Pro encountered a problem and needs to close


      - Premiere Pro was unable to save the project, please choose Save As.


      What happens?

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          Adrtghhjj Level 1

          My computer's specs are:


          Windows XP SP3 32-bit or Windows 7 SP1 64-bit,

          Premiere Pro CS3 or Premiere Pro CS 5.5 (I get the same errors on both OS's, on both versions of Premiere with the same project)

          Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200

          2.00 GB.


          My project specs are:


          1080i project - video only - no effects added

          The footage is 55,000 JPG files at 1920x1080, no compression

          Render settings are: 1080x1920 Microsoft AVI; Compressor: none

          Other details:

          The footage is arranged into ~27 Bins each of 2000 JPG's

          The project file is ~270 MB


          What I did: After each 1-2 Bins dragged onto the Timeline, I would save the project just fine. All worked fine until I dragged the 6th Bin onto the Timeline and tried saving. Then I get one of the above errors.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            The problem is that your system is woefully underspecced for such kind of editing.  It would already be hard to edit SD DV with that length on such a system, but with this footage your are killing it. Even if you did not have PR throw up an error, chances are that exporting with those settings would take about a whole pregnancy, around 9 months.


            The only solution I see is getting a new system that meets minimum requirements at least. Keep in mind that JPG's are pretty demanding, so your project will fall into the intermediate level at least. See Adobe Forums: System requirements for CS5 and Adobe Forums: What PC to build? An update...