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    Digital Editions won't recognise my sony ereader after PC rebuild


      Hi All,


      Hoping you can help.  I had to rebuild my pc, moving fom vista to Windows 7.  I then re-installed digital editions and copies my old library into it, however, no matter what I try, Digital Editions won't recongise it in the bookshelves so I can't sync new or existing content with digital editions.  I have read answers to other questions:


      1. I have tried to plug the reader in before editions is launched - still doesn't see it.

      2. My pc recognises the reader - drive e and indeed beeps when it is plugged in, it still refuses to show in my digital editions menu.

      3. The reader is registered with sony and was working fine until I upgraded my pc and re-installed windows 7.


      Can anyone help to get my 'bleeping' reader to be picked up by Digital Editions.  There was some mention of forcing the reader authorisation being mentioned in the FAQs but can't find this.