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    InDesing PDF export not showing videos


      Hey, I need some help with an issue I've been having.


      I created a document in InDesign CS4 that includes videos ( MOV). When I export to PDF, and the PDF opens on my desktop it shows the videos, as soon as I email it or transfer it to a different computer the videos no longer show up.

      I add the videos by placing them into the document, I click them to embed them into the file. When I export I make sure interactive elements is selected, Combatibility is set to Acrobat 6 or higher, multimedia says : embed all ( although i tried it with object settings as well). I need to have these videos embeded into the PDF.


      Why do they show up on my desktop PDF, but not when they are removed from there when my settings all say the videos are embeded?


      I have Acrobat 9 installed on my macbook pro and I'm using Mac OS X.


      I would appreciate any help in this, I'm close to pulling out my hair!


      Thank you : )



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Playing MOV files in a PDF file requires that you use a PDF viewer which can play them. You haven't told us what application the person "on another computer" was playing them in. They would play on a Macintosh with Adobe Reader/Acrobat. They would play on a Windows computer with Adobe Reader/Acrobat if QuickTime (required for MOV file) was installed. They won't play on a Mac in Apple's Preview application.


          This becomes much easier with InDesign CS5/5.5 where you can choose from a variety of video formats which are more cross-platform.

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            Deborah_Ostermann Level 1



            Ya, I figured it out. That was exactly it. I tried opening Acrobat on the

            other computer and realised they didn't have it installed. It's now

            installed and the videos work perfectly in the PDF.. .I didn't know how to

            reply to my own question so I just left it. Thank you for getting back to