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    CS5.5 - AIR 3.1 - iPhone debugging


      I can't work this out so hopefully someone can help. I'm working with a Native AIR extension which I would  like to debug using an iPhone. I use CS5.5 for development so given that that comes with Air 2.6 (which doesn't support Native extensions) I'm trying to figure out what the correct procedure is for debugging.


      At the moment I do:


      • Compile in CS5.5 to create the SWF with "Permit Debugging" enabled.
      • When that's done - use ADT with: -package -target ipa-debug
      • Start remote debugger in CS5.5
      • Sync IPA with iPhone
      • Start application on iPhone


      I am expecting the iPhone application to open up with "what's the IP address of the debugger" - but it doesn't. It just runs....


      Any idea what I should do differently to get this to work?


      Thanks in advance