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    Graph report


      Hi all,


      I am unable to get the graph report of webfocus in flex.


      I have made the format of the fex file(Graph) as .xml and I have set the seturl=<url Of XML>?IBIF_ex=smaple.fex

      The same way I executed the Grid report and it works fine and moreover i got the graph report hitting the grid report.


      Can someone help me in bringing out the graph report directly from webfocus??




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          Mathangi Ramachandran



          Not sure, if you got a solution. It you havent, little what I know and a heads up to get a graph from WebFOCUS.


          ibiField = measure field from .fex file (like y axis)

          ibiNameField = dimension field from .fex file (like x axis)



          x="315" y="155" id="rgnpie" ibiField="PERCENT" ibiNameField="REGION" showDataTips="true" width="270" height="175"