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    color setting


      In Cs2 the color setting I have is North American General Purpose 2 but in Cs5 that is not listed but Europe General Purpose 3 is. Are they the same or how can I get them the same...rookie question I am sure.

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          Rik Ramsay Level 4

          Short answer is no, they are not the same. Europe General is for print presses in Europe and the North American one for North America. If you are missing the NA one, you could try checking the "show expanded list" checkbox under the Creative Suite Color Settings window. Does it show up?

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            sim1962 Level 1

            I will I knew it wasn't right but I didn't know where to go


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              gator soup Level 4

              i think the most important Adobe color settings "Preserve Embedded Profiles" and alert us of "Profile Matches" and "Missing Profiles"


              these are how i would start a 'rookie' out:




              with these two hard-fast general rules:


              1. always use the embedded profile and Convert to the desired Working Space (if needed)
                if the file is untagged, first Edit> Assign Profile (the one that looks best on calibrated monitor)
              2. always embed the profile (apps that don't use embedded profiles will just ignore it)
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                gator soup Level 4

                if your install of CS5 does not provide those settings, you may need to uninstall (including Photoshop preferences) and reinstall


                if you mean you want to set a Europe CMYK profile as your Working CMYK (contained in your CS2 package, missing from CS5), you could track down that profile in CS2 and place it so it shows up in CS5


                better yet, Adobe employees may be able to advise you better if you explain what CMYK profile you are trying to load in CS5 (that is no longer available) or recommend a suitable replacement and how to install it in CS5

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                  sim1962 Level 1

                  Can I unistall CS5 as that is an upgrade...CS3 is no longer in the computer...scared of doing that. I don't want Europe any thing...just Srgb..easy button. I was told to go to Bridge and check for Creative Suite Color Settings window...that says it is disabled

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    Don't worry about the overall Settings field name...


                    Can you get the individual fields into the settings proposed by gator soup above?


                    If not, which ones don't you have the given choices for?