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    Loop through query records to display text information

      I am just starting on Flex 3, and building a sample site right now. I have it setup that ny News section is divided between two company names, accordion navigation.

      <mx:Canvas label="About Us" width="100%" height="100%">

      <mx:Accordion id="companies" x="43" y="42" width="70%" height="70%">

      <mx:Canvas id="km" width="100%" height="100%" label="Kumar Motors" creationComplete="getCompanyNews(2,km.id);">


      <mx:Canvas id="ka" width="100%" height="100%" label="Kumar Automobiles" creationComplete="getCompanyNews(1,ka.id);">




      When the getCompanynews function is called, it makes a call to the coldfusion CFC that returns a query which goes to the event handler.

      [AS]public function getCompanyNews(companyID:int,canvasID:String):void{
      var arrCompanyID:Array = new Array();
      arrCompanyID[0] = companyID;


      Event Handler Code:
      [AS]public function CompanyNewsEventHandler(companyNewsEvent:ResultEvent):void{
      arrCompanyNews = companyNewsEvent.result as ArrayCollection;
      companyNewsCanvas = new Canvas();
      var arrNews:Array = new Array();
      for(var i:int=0; i<arrCompanyNews.length;i++)
      var lbl:Label = new Label();
      lbl.id = arrCompanyNews[0].CompanyNews_ID;
      lbl.text = arrCompanyNews[0].CompanyNewsItem;
      if(arrCompanyNews[0].Company_ID == 2)


      The issue I have is that the labels I am adding get overwritten. How do I create dynamic label names or how do I add the news item to the canvas for display?

      Also, as you notice, I have to use if/else to figure out which compass creation caused the call event, anyway to do that dynamically?

      Thanks a lot