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    Report Builder Subreport issue.

      Recently, I've taken my church's fundraising database (Access) and moved it to a hosted server. I've written CF code to maintain all the tables and used Report Builder to create reports (such as Bid Sheets, Labels, Thank You Letters). BTW, Report Builder and cfreport ROCKS! However, I'm now trying to complete the Thank You Letters to our contributors and I've run into a bit of a snag....

      The letter starts out with a couple of paragraphs thanking them for their contribution(s). I then print a list of all the items they donated, followed by a couple of paragraphs summarizing and re-thanking them.

      The list of items is a Subreport linked to the main query. This works great by listing all their items. However, if the list contains more than 3 or 4 items, it covers up part, if not all, of the concluding paragraphs. I've gone in and change the positioning of the concluding paragraphs to "Float" but when I process the letter, CF hangs up and I finally get a JRun error. Then I have to ask the hosting service to restart CF. The hosting service is Godaddy.com and they are currently running CF 7.

      Any ideas how I can solve this problem?