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    Sending an Outlook 2003/2010 Meeting Request via CF

    sockerdad Level 1

      Well, that about sums it up!


      OK, a few more details:  my application is sending out emails without any problems, but now the user wants to be able to receive appointment requests to the public calendar that she maintains instead of having to retype the email information that is coming to her inbox.  Her ideal solution is to receive an appointment request to the public calendar which she can accept, tentatively accept, ir decline.


      This public calendar (called DMV-ISB) is available to everyone in the department and we can manually add our leave information to it.  However, as humans are inclined to do, no one bothers.  This creates an administrative nughtmare for her and there are days she spends up to four hours coordinating the calendar.


      We are currently using Outlook 2003, but expect to migrate to Outlook 2010 by the end of the year, so the solution has to be either robust or easily converted.  I've tried using cfmail with the cfmailparam/cfmailpart tags, but all I get is an email, no appointment request.


      Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.