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    Recording Demo and Simulation Modes

      Prior to beginning my recording session, I'm selecting the Demontration and Training Simulation mode. When I complete the recording and save, Captivate prompts me with a "Project to Open" field that contains: Demonstration or Training Simulation. My goas was to have the first section of the project as a demonstration and the subsequent section as a Training Simulation. How do I combine both the Demonstration Mode and Training Simulation Mode into one file? It appears that although Captivate allows you to record in both modes, you must save in one or the other????
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Curtis

          As you have seen, Captivate does create two files when you record that way. However, it doesn't mean you can't have both in a single project if you like. But before you do that, please note that projects DO have a suggested maximum size. Adobe Technical Support seems to be advising folks that 50 Megs for the CP (source) file of your project is considered the upper limit. Personally, my recommendation has always been 50-65 slides as a very broad and general rule of thumb. So if each project is already at or beyond that size, I wouldn't go there with having both in a single project.

          Assuming the combined project would fit within those guidelines, you may open one project, then click File > Import > Slides/Objects... and point at the other file to bring it in and combine it with the original. Note that you would want to first select the last slide in the original project, so that the new stuff would follow that slide and append.

          Assuming this would create a project that is too large to handle, you should consider leaving them as separate projects, then using what we call a "Daisy Chain" so the next is opened by the project as the first ends.

          For information on Daisy Chaining, Click here

          Cheers... Rick