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    Find Font... replacement?


      Hi all,

      The Find Font... feature in InDesign is such a drag when you need an overview of the font usage for several documents.

      I was hoping/wondering if anyone has ever created a font panel that can float like all the other panels without having to go to the Type menu and pull down to Find Font every single time. There's not even a keyboard shortcut for it. Lame.

      Plus Find Font requires you to close out of it before you can do anything else to that doc or switch to another doc.


      I've been trying to search the forums and plug-ins sites for a solution, but have found nothing.

      Does anyone know of a replacement for Find Font?




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you open Adobe Bridge (you haven't told us what version of InDesign or the Creative Suite you are using), recent versions of Bridge show the fonts used in an InDesign file in the Metadata panel. This will give you a quick overview.

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            BSAphex Level 1

            Sorry, Steve. I'm using both CS3 and CS5. Different clients on different versions.


            I just tested that out. It is somewhat helpful for a quick view, but you don't see which weights are being used and you can't manage the fonts from there either. I guess I just really wish that Find Font... would be its own panel just like swatches and layers.


            I should put my suggestion in to Adobe. ;-)


            Thanks for your help.

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              Stix Hart Level 5

              While you're about it suggest an option to select a page range to limit the font replacement to, and perhaps the ability to save a common font replacement!