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    Book file crash; should I worry?

    Joel Cherney Level 5

      Last night, I put the finishing touches on a 700-page project in IDCS4. It's a book project, consisting of about forty chapters, one 300-page main text and another 300-page supplemental text, each with separate page numbering, TOCs, et cetera. I saved all of the chapters, and saved & closed the book. Then I closed InDesign, and it crashed on close. (I think that this is the order of events, but I might be mistaken. Probably I didn't actually close the book, that would make the most sense.)  Upon opening it up this morning, this series of bizarre events took place:


      1) Each of the chapters opened up with a this-file-has-been-changed asterisk (as if I'd had them all open when it crashed), but

      2) the book file was not open. In addition,

      3) each of the twenty files of the supplemental book started at page no. 1, instead of continuing from the previous chapter, and

      4) blank pages that I had inserted manually to force chapters to start on the right-hand page of the spread had disappeared.


      It's no. 4 that is making me worry. I checked against the PDF I made yesterday morning, and there really were manually inserted pages that were automagically deleted. If they had been inserted with Book Page Numbering Options -> Insert Blank Page I would not be worried.


      What do you folks think? I'm inclined to export everything to IDML or INX and rebuild the book from scratch... not because I know it will fix anything, simply out of fear of "corruption."

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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          Yikes!  Phantom changes to booked files that turn out to be real.  Ordinarily, I'd think creating a new book of files cleaned by export/import would restore order.  I might start with a new book of the old files -- duplicates, of course.  A time sink either way.


          I don't suppose you happened to have added the vanished pages last thing before closing those files, and closed them just when ID was entering its death spiral?  Is it possible that starting ID after the crash allowed its automatic recovery to restore the files from out-dated auto-backups that weren't supposed to be there?



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            lilia@ Level 2

            i work with the book panel all the time and i have had that issue once and now my common practice is to save my chapter, close it, save the book, close it then close ID. how i fixed it however was (as David states) to recreate my book with my original chapter files.


            PS why does noone have backups anymore? ... shes says guilty as charged

            actually i do have backups but i dont do it as often as i should... but then my books vary from 30 to 60 odd pages.