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    Premiere Pro CS5.5 corrupting source videos?


      A bit of an odd occurence with my CS5.5 (trial) installation: It seems to be corrupting videos slightly enough that it can no longer read them, resulting in a "Media Offline" error message when reopening the project. The video files are still there, but will not play back in the Source Monitor. However, they will play in VLC Media Player, though it picks up that the .AVI file is broken and needs to be repaired for playback, and it does.


      If I copy the files again from my SD card and repoint the project to them, they will load. However, they will simply be broken again upon restart of the program.


      If it matters, the video files are 720p 25fps videos from my Pentax K-r.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If they play nice in VLC it does not mean they play nice in Premiere. VLC is a player, Premiere is a NLE.

          Your avi's are mjpeg avi's

          You probably need to install the mjepg codec to get them playing properly in Premiere.


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            HarrisonH Level 1

            Hm, I'll give that a shot and see if it works, however when originally added to Premiere they did play and edit perfectly fine. It was only once saving the project and exiting that something happened to some of them causing them to act broken.

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              codexplorer Level 1

              I have noticed this Media Offline problem in one of my latest sequences. Usually, I simply close the project immediately (that is I don't even bother to fix it), obviously without saving anything and reopen it. Usually the second attempt is fine...

              My interpretation of this problem is that my sequence uses a lot of linked AE compositions, and although I try to launch and open the AE project first, it sometimes take a long time, and if I am not patient enough to wait until the process is complete and launch PP, then I MAY run into some Media Offline issues. I may be completely wrong on this.

              The bottomline is: PP DOES NOT corrupt source videos (whereas I am pretty sure on the other hand that Bridge does, but this is another topic). It just does not always find them.


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                I am having this exact same issue with Adobe Creative Suite 6 (CS6), .avi files, and my Pentax K-r camera.


                My videos come off the camera fine, they play fine everywhere.


                I create a project in Premiere Pro CS6. When I close the program and re-open, or minimize and then maximize, randomly it will show "media offline" for various media clips I am using in my project, and the source file will be corrupt.


                When I say the source file is corrupt, it will not play anywhere. I receive errors in Windows Media Player, Quick Time, etc.. Not just on that computer, but any computer I try to play them on. VLC media player will play it, but not before telling me that it needs to rebuild the time index.. .or something to that effect. Premiere Pro CS6 IS doing something to corrupt the source files, and make them not playable on ANY computer.


                I have tested this process 3 times by loading new, backed-up avi files, and again and again, only after using Premiere Pro CS6, does it suddently show media offline, and then have the AVI's refuse to play anywhere.


                (As of 7/30/2012 I have installed all of the latest updates for CS6 master edition that I have - On a new install of Windows 7 Professional (this is a new employees computer) with all the latest updates installed.)


                Does anyone have a solution? I do not understand why I am having this problem. When I was editing these videos with Premiere Pro CS5 there were no issues.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  >avi files, and my Pentax K-r camera


                  Exactly what is inside that AVI wrapper?

                  Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037

                  What is a CODEC... a Primer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/546811

                  What CODEC is INSIDE that file? http://forums.adobe.com/thread/440037


                  Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... a screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing



                  For PC http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en or http://www.headbands.com/gspot/


                  H.264 will NOT work inside an AVI wrapper http://forums.adobe.com/thread/854115

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                    ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                    The Codec for that camera is AVI (motion JPG) http://www.pentaximaging.com/dslr/K-r_Black/#!product-specs . Mride - Do you have all of your Framework and Visual C++ 2010 updates run from Microsoft update? What do you set the Indeterminate Media Timebase to under Edit/Preferences/Media Cache in Premiere. What is the framerate of your MJpeg/AVI material?




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                      JVanPeltNMC Level 1

                      This is the HTML output from that software


                      Complete name :E:\NMC SMBC Video Project 1 - Backup\Pitch (1).AVI
                      Format :AVI
                      Format/Info :Audio Video Interleave
                      File size :103 MiB
                      Duration :25s 0ms
                      Overall bit rate :34.4 Mbps
                      Mastered date :2012/03/05 15:37:29
                      Writing application :PENTAX K-r




                      ID :0
                      Format :JPEG
                      Codec ID :MJPG
                      Duration :25s 0ms
                      Bit rate :33.9 Mbps
                      Width :1 280 pixels
                      Height :720 pixels
                      Display aspect ratio :16:9
                      Frame rate :25.000 fps
                      Color space :YUV
                      Chroma subsampling :4:2:0
                      Bit depth :8 bits
                      Compression mode :Lossy
                      Bits/(Pixel*Frame) :1.472
                      Stream size :101 MiB (99%)




                      ID :1
                      Format :PCM
                      Format settings, Endianness :Little
                      Format settings, Sign :Signed
                      Codec ID :1
                      Duration :25s 0ms
                      Bit rate mode :Constant
                      Bit rate :512 Kbps
                      Channel(s) :1 channel
                      Sampling rate :32.0 KHz
                      Bit depth :16 bits
                      Stream size :1.53 MiB (1%)
                      Interleave, duration :1000 ms (25.00 video frames)
                      Interleave, preload duration :1000 ms


                      I do not know what I have in terms of framework and visual C++ - Just what updates windows update makes after a clean install, and after installing CS6. - Are these typically necessary for video editing?


                      This is what I have in the media cache settings (these are defaults)

                      Intermediate Media Timebase: 29.97 fps dropframe

                      Timecode: Use Media Source

                      Frame Count: Start at 0

                      Write XMP ID to Files at Import: Checked

                      Enable Clip and XMP Metadata Linking: Checked

                      Growing Files: Checked

                      Save Media Cache Files Next To Originals When Possible: Unchecked

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        Well the first likely issue is the Sample rate of this material is 32K instead of 48K. I can definitely see Premiere having problems with Resampling that material to 48K coming from MJPEG and keeping the time base correct with the frame rate which is likely causing issues when the file data is resaved back to the drive. No one uses 32K anymore so I doubt this was even tested. Can you change the audio sample rate on your camera to 48K and then record a test video file to import? This would be the first thing to rule out. You also might try right clicking on the files in the timeline and unlink the video from the audio files. Then delete the audio files and save the project. Close and see if the files still go offline. I suspect they will though due to the original media import includes the audio and the timeline changes are just project file / meta-data changes.


                        Many applications now use framework for parts or most of their API. There are several versions of framework and all are under the critical updates when you run your windows updates. The Visual C++ updates are also under the Critical updates and are very important to read application code correctly. The summary here is you want to run all critical updates that do not have an Nvidia driver label next to them. Many Windows updates require prerequisites so after you finish 1 set of updates and restart you have to run the search for updates again. Repeat this process until no Critical updates are left.


                        Since this media is 25 frame please change the Indeterminate Media Timebase to 25 frame. Remove any media from your bins and import another media file to test.


                        You also might try creating a new sequence. Select the AVCHD 720P 25 Frame preset to store those settings in the general tab. Then click on the general tab at the top and change the audio sample rate from 48K to 32K. Import one of those files above and drop it on the timeline. Save the project and see if it still corrupts the media files.




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                          Powered by Design Level 4

                          Im not sure buy maybe writing the XMP data is giving you problems.


                          Try turning it off for a test.




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                            I'm having the exact same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

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                              JVanPeltNMC Level 1

                              This was the problem.


                              You need to go to edit -> preferences -> Media & Disk Cache -> uncheck "Write XMP ID's to files on import"


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                                octobula Level 1

                                Thanks, and how did you recover the files damaged through the process befor you discovered the solution?

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                                  JVanPeltNMC Level 1

                                  In my situation, I fortunately had zipped archives of the raw video files. I'm not sure how to repair the damaged versions. If you find a solution, please post because I'm sure it will be helpful to someone in the future.

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                                    I don't know if this is helpful but I had corrupted-looking clips with digital bands interlacing looking garbage, etc.  I noticed my CUDA software was out of date on my mac (hackintosh running yosemite).  I updated the CUDA software, restarted, and it seems to have fixed things.