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    Book Page Numbering Broken - InDesign 5.5


      I've been experiencing some very persistent and reproducible errors with book numbering in InDesign 5.5.


      Any feedback or ideas would be very welcome.


      Platform: OS X Lion (relatively clean install), InDesign CS5.5 7.5.2, no plugins on test environment


      Reproducible condition:


      1. Create a new book, enable automatic page numbering (continue from previous section).
      2. Create four new documents, to each add ten pages. Ensure automatic numbering is on.
      3. Add each of these documents to the book.
      4. Save the book.
      5. Update page numbering for the book.




      • Documents do not display correct book page numbers in the book palette. They show document, not book, relative numbering. Each document displays (1-10) in the book palette.
      • When viewing the documents themselves, the first two document page number as expected: (1-10) & (11-20). This is also the result when exporting to PDF.
      • However documents 3 & 4 in the book take page numbers (11-20) as well, as though they were each positioned second in the book.




      • I've tried alternative automatic page numbering options for the book (start on odd/even) with no change. UPDATE: on a 20 document book there are some sections that seem to restart as "pairs", so number restarts randomly throughout the book. Same document and book numbering options as described here.
      • I've tested with different numbers of documents, different page counts.
      • I do update the page numbering after each attempt, no change.



      screenshots_annotated_03.png screenshots_annotated_04.png


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      Note about large document test added.

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          lilia@ Level 2

          Hi Ethan,


          I use the book panel all the time and have come across this personally... I did the following and it worked for me

          Update All Numbers (I realise you wrote that you updated page numbering)

          Also try rearranging the docs in the book panel and if that doesnt work then

          remove them and then add again using the + on the book panel as apposed to drop-and-drag.

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            EthanJA Level 1

            lilia@, thanks for the ideas, keep them coming...! Regarding these two, I've tried both already, no joy. Reordering document 3 to document 2 does result in it being re page numbered, but the "new" third document loses it's page numbers again (i.e. the book seems to be maintaining "pairs" of docs and reordering just changes which document is being re numbered).


            Have also added using the plus button on the panel, same. Thanks for the ideas though.


            Fwiw, this problem shows up on both existing books and new test books with fresh test docs. I've also tried the borderline voodoo method of exporting to IDML and reopening/saving the docs. Pretty much at my wits end. Well, a little more wit left, but not much.

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              lilia@ Level 2

              I feel your pain.. ok try this...


              create 1 document with the correct settings with one page.

              add it

              make 2 copy of it (not a new document)

              add them


              so you should have 3 documents with pages 1-3

              if that works then add a page in document 3 to see if that works

              fi so then add more to all documents


              Fingers Xd

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                EthanJA Level 1

                No good. That's not too far off from my test case, but I did just run through that to be sure and it demonstrates the same behavior.


                I'm going to nuke my InDesign prefs and see if that helps, otherwise I'm going to just manually paginate the actual 20 documents in this book for now.

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                  lilia@ Level 2

                  the difference between what you did and i suggested was that the document be only 1 page (not 10)

                  yes trashing prefs is usually one of the first things i suggest or ask about.... silly me.


                  can you upload the book so i can see it?

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                    EthanJA Level 1

                    Solve by trashing prefs & cache.


                    So, for anyone else stumbling on this thread, on OS X trash (or move to a backup folder, better practice):


                    Your user home dir == $HOME


                    $HOME/Library/Caches/Adobe InDesign


                    $HOME/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign




                    That cleared it up, though I was running with no known changes to any prefs, so this remains a black box fix.