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    Cannot Open PreE 10 - Stuck on ExporterQuickTimeHost


      I have PreE 10 running Windows 7, dual core processor, 2 gb RAM


      Cannot get the darn thing to work.  For the last month I have been trying to get it to work and did all the tips like updated sound/video driver, defrag, all that stuff.


      When I try to start it through normal channels with the Welcome screen it says it is "Gathering User Info ..." and just stays like that.


      I can get into the Organizer - for what that is worth.  When I try "New Project" from that Welcome screen it has the little activity bar then that goes off and nothing.


      When I try to start the program by bypassing the Welcome screen by starting  Adobe Premiere Elements.exe, it initializes, loads several programs, then just stays at "Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.pm" .


      Getting very frustrated with this software and ready to give up.  I have been dealing with all kinds of programs my entire professional career and have *never* had a program act like this.  It seems it is soooo sensitive to hard disk space, RAM etc.  I am about to classify it as "crap" software to family/firends.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you looking for help fixing it or would you just like to vent? We can oblige you either way.

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            dulcehector Level 1

            Yes, I would like help fixing it.


            It is just frustrating because I cannot get it to work.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              We understand frustration, and want to help.


              I would start by giving the full specs. of your computer, including the version of Win7, that you are running. Please see this ARTICLE for some tips on what would be so very useful.


              While you are gathering that info, take a look at this ARTICLE. It starts with a checklist of things to get PrE working best, and then works up to some tuneup tips for the computer, and for the OS. With Win7, please see the link to Black Viper's Win7 TuneUp. Last, there are many useful links for troubleshooting.


              One thing that sticks out is the 2GB of RAM. That is very, very low.


              Good luck, and please let us know more.



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                dulcehector Level 1



                Thanks for the offer to help.  Let me upgrade the memory first and see if that solves the problem.  We were planning on doing that anyway.  I wasted enough time already trying to get this software to work - no need wasting anymore of your time on it.


                My son built our computer.  Any way of determining the *max* amount of memory the motherboard will accept?  Also, how much RAM should we have to successfully run PreE 10?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  There should be a little booklet on the MoBo (Mother Board), that will give the full details on the RAM slots, and most importantly, the specs. for those chips and their carrier types, i.e. DIMM's. If that is no longer around, the MoBo mfgr. will have a site, where you can plug in your MoBo model, and then that booklet should be available as a PDF, or similar document. Check the specs. very closely, as there are many, that seem similar on the surface, but might not work.


                  Good luck, and do take a look at that "PrE Crashes and Hangs" article, as it has a lot of good info in it, and at three levels - the initial program and others that are necessary, then tuning up the system and OS, and finally troubleshooting.


                  Video editing is one of the most intense tasks that one can ask of a computer, and will use most of its sub-systems to the max. Only heavy 3D work, CAD programs, and extreme gaming will tax it as much, or more. Also, many develop a false sense of security, when other programs, like databases, spreadsheets, e-mail programs, Web browsers and word processing, all work perfectly, but the PrE, or other NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs grind to a halt. It is then assumed that it is the software, when it's actually the system, or the OS, that is balking.


                  Good luck,