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    Can Digital Editions show videows in ebooks???


      I downloaded the trial version of InDesign to see if I could create a ePub version of some documentation I have created.  I can get the text and images to work fine, but I have not been able to get Digital Editions to show the video I included in the ePub.  I tried it as an AVI, MOV and MP4.  I transfered the exact same file to an iPad and the movie played fine.  I tried another ePub that I know has a movie (MOV file) in it on Digital Editions and it didn't work.  So I am wondering if Digital Editions can use videos in an ePub ebook?  If so what format?



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          mcarrara Level 1

          This shouldn't be a tough question.  Does anyone have an answer?

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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            Video in ePubs is a bit of a mess.


            ADE 1.7 only supports video embedded using Flash.  Note that ADE 1.8 (currently in Beta) does not support video at all - and the indication from Adobe are that if they do support video that will do it using the HTML5 'video' tag rather than flash embedding (which is the standard going forward as part of the EPUB3 spec)


            As you may have already figured out the 'video' tag will work on some devices ( iPads and the Nook Color/Tablet), but not in any of the Mac/PC programs (ADE, Nook, etc..) yet.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              It's a pretty easy answer: no.  ADE reads text files and displays some

              picture files (.jpg's for example), but doesn't handle .wmv's or .avi's.

              Check out the HELP file (F1 key) for more information.


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                mcarrara Level 1

                Thanks to everyone who helped.  It seems that as much as I hate to admit it the iPad is way ahead of anything on a PC.  I was looking at publishing ePub textbooks but without videos why?  I think that unless the creators of reading software quickly catch up Apple will control another content area.  I understand that Adobe is primarily concerned with content creators, but I think if Apple wins, Adobe will lose.

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  I disagree with your characterization of Adobe's concern.  Digital Editions

                  was created in the early 2000's to help implement epublications as

                  described in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000.  That's about 10

                  years ago, and it's undergone several changes.  It does not assist in the

                  creation of any epublications, nor does it reformat or change the material

                  in the epublications.  Its design point is to work with the accepted

                  standard .epub file and other popular formats and make it possible to

                  transfer those epublications to your computer and/or your ereader.  As an

                  'open' software package, it handles interfaces with many different ereading

                  devices in the Windows and MAC world.  It's not frozen in time, though, as

                  it has to accommodate an explosion of ereaders and other devices.  However,

                  it does NOT interact with the MAC world beyond the MAC OS on a MAC computer.

                  The Android and i-somethingorother world has evolved a lot in the past ten

                  years, to the point where those hand-held devices have developed functional

                  capabilities very close to those in the traditional computer.  The catch is

                  that their OS is quite different (because it has to run a device that is

                  quite different from your traditional computer).  Adobe has not developed a

                  version of Digital Editions that will work with these OS directly.  Other

                  systems, such as Overdrive and Bluefire Reader, and even iTunes, are a

                  better choice for those environments for now.  Apple systems will be a

                  player for sure, but the Android marketplace is getting much stronger every

                  week, and I don't see Apple dominating this arena.  I do see Adobe trying

                  to develop something to address this arena, however.  But, since I'm not an

                  Adobe employee, I have no specific knowledge of any of their efforts.