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    Sign Once (Signature Pad) & Copy Signature Image Many?

    Wade ~ Tech-Pro

      Does anyone know how to sign a document once with a signature pad (or with a signature image applied to a digital signature,we suppose) and then attempted to copy the signature image into other image objects in the form?  We’re assembling large sets of forms with multiple signature areas, and one common end page where the signature is captured by the signature pad.  The requirement is to fill-out all associated signatures so that the customer only has to sign once (yes, this has been approved by legal).


      What we’ve tried to do is to bind and image field in the form to the same XML element where the signature image data is bound. The signature field, of course, is not bound to anything as there is no binding tab.  The problem is where do we find it (if it’s even exposed)?  We’ve written JS to dump the entire XFA data out of the form, but the signature info is just not there.


      Any other ideas we may pursue?  If this helps, we're using a Topaz SignatureGem 1x5 signature pad (see attached link).  We’ll need to worry about invalidating the single digital signature if we can figure this out, but just trying to get through the first hurdle.  Not sure if it's possible, as well, to copy one signature to another in its entirety.


      Thanks for anyone’s help in advance!