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    switching from PC platform to MAC platform - no customer service


      First off, I would like to preface that I've called customer service twice and have received no help, as well as conflicting responses both times.


      I own the CS4 Web Premium creative suite for my PC. I bought it directly from Adobe, not a reseller - so forked over a large amount of money. Love the product - use it almost everyday.


      I recently switched to a MAC ProBook. I would love to test out my software on my MAC. I call Adobe to see if I can switch over to CS4 Web Premium creative suite for MAC.


      Responses I get:

      You can only upgrade to 5.5.


      WHY? I just want to keep my 4.


      You can only upgrade to 5.5.


      Ok, because you're not letting me keep my 4 license, then how much will it cost to get a MAC license?


      Response I got the first time:

      You can upgrade for $399.


      I am NOT going to pay another $400 just so I can use my existing license on another platform!!


      Response I got the second time after calling again just to be sure:

      You can upgrade for $695.


      WHAT?! (*@^^&#9=!!!