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    How can I post or add a PDF, DOC, MP3 or other file on my site for visitors to download?

    Kim Isola Adobe Employee

      The exact approach can vary, depending on if you are hosting your site using Adobe Business Catalyst or another hosting provider. In either case, however, the steps would be something like this:


      1. Use an FTP client to create a "documents" folder on your site.
      2. Upload the files you want to link to into this folder.
      3. Add links to these files in Muse using the full URL (i.e. http://mysite.com/documents/filename.....


      The Preview Page/Site in Browser options in Muse should work fine. Clicking on a link to one of the documents will open it in the Browser. The built-in Preview feature in Muse will work for some document types and not others. It just depends what you're linking to.