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    Flash .swc won't display

    Jason Lampitt

      I've got a head-scratcher here.


      We're updating an older Flex 3 project (3.6 SDK) and have (mostly) succussfully migrated the project to FB4.5 but we're sticking with the 3.6 SDK.


      One particular element of this project is a masthead which we publish as a .swc from Flash 5.5 after using the "Convert Symbol to Flex Component" command. I've also written a simple class for this masthead component so we can get at some interal properties.


      The .swc isn't visible at all. It's there, I've confirmed that using the debugger but it won't display. I've even tried pulling it into a bare-bones project file using both the old 3.6 SDK and the 4.5 SDK. Nothing.


      Maybe I'm follow an old workflow for bringing Flash elements into Flash Builder?


      I noticed there are two Flex Component kits, but I'm pretty sure Flash 5.5 already has the Flex Component kit built-in. Yes?