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    Problem in Converting a Web App to a Desktop App

    nhabibi Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am just new to Flex!


      I have a "web application" and I want to convert it to an "Air application". I use the "Add/change project type" in the context menu. As I found here, this process rewrites the Appliaction tag with WindowedApplication in the mxml file.


      I have a code like this:


         someMethod (Application.application.parameters.sessionId,Application.application.parameters.entryId, Application.application.parameters.projectId);


      After converting, I get this error:


         "1120: Access of undefined property Application"


      Then I replace the Application with WindowedApplication:


      someMethod(WindowedApplication.application.parameters.sessionId,WindowedApplication.appli cation.parameters.entryId,WindowedApplication.application.parameters.projectId);


      Then I get this error:


      "1119: Access of possibly undefined property application through a reference with static type Class."


      I have tried different ways, but no result. Would you please help me with this?