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    for inquiry

    Phoenicianvideo Level 1

      Dear sir


      The Description for my computer is :


      - The Motherboard is Asus P8Z68-V Pro MB, socket 1155 intel Z68 chipest

      - Processor intel core i7 -2600k / 3.40Ghz / 8MB Cache/LG1155

      - Memory Ram G-Skill 24GB  PC3 12800 ( ddr3-16000) XL 1.5V

      - VGA card Gigabite 1GB  GTX 560Ti N5600c 

      - System type 64 Bit


      My System setting is HDV 1440 × 1080

      i have 2 kind of source (HDV and AVCHD also , the timeline arround 1Hour and half

      and i add effects and transation also

      the export setting is MPEG2-DVD and H-264 blu-ray


      Thank you again for your Helping

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          All I see are statements of fact about your computer and the files you are using


          I do not see a question


          If you are asking about your hardware setup, this is the right place... but you do have to ask a question, not just provide a list of what you have


          If you are asking about using some version of Premiere Pro, go to http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere and select if you have PPro 5x or an earlier version... and do ask a question

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            RjL190365 Level 4

            First off, is your computer using three 8GB sticks of RAM? That's the only way that you'll be able to fit 24GB of RAM on that motherboard, which has only four DIMM slots. (If your 24GB kit is comprised of six 4GB sticks, you'll be able to use only four of the sticks for a total of 16GB.)


            Secondly, if you are using only three sticks of RAM, I'd strongly recommend either adding a fourth for a total of 32GB or removing one of the sticks for a total of 16GB. That's because using three sticks of RAM on a platform with a dual-channel memory controller will only force single-channel-only operation or (in the case of the Intel platforms) a hybrid of dual- and single-channel operation (where the first 16GB runs in dual-channel and the remaining 8GB runs in single-channel).


            Third, with such a relatively long timeline, I'd recommend doing some overclocking of the CPU. However, you don't need an extreme overclock to 4.7+ GHz: Even a moderate overclock to 4.2GHz should suffice.