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    cmyk to cmyk conversion of a smart object


      I work with multilayer/multi group psd files and need to reach a certain total ink limit. I work with two different cmyk profiles - one with a 340% total ink value and one with 300%. They are visually a perfect match. Some of the groups in an image with the 340% profile assigned exceed the total ink limit of 340% - so my thoughts were to duplicate the items to new -  convert these to smart objects - assign the 300% profile and bring down the total ink amount by converting to the 340% profile and shift drag the smart object back into the psd file.

      This doesn't seem to work though.

      It does however work when it's a single layer.

      I would like to keep the psd file as neat as possible hence the wish for a smart object . I realise I can copy the group turn it off and do the cmyk to cmyk conversion to a flattened version and have that ontop of the group in the psd file...




      Photoshop CS5 12.0.2