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    Help with colours in InDesign/Illustrator




      I'm creating this large clothing brochure in Indesign consisting of  swatches for colourways. Within the Indesign document CAD drawings of some of the clothes are done in illustrator. The important part is the cad drawings colours match the swatches in InDesign. There is a lot of colourways and will change throughout the process as we will be getting colourproofs and matching as close as we can with CMYK break downs.


      Question is, is there a way of changing the CMYK breakdown in Indesign and for it to automatically change it in Illustrator? Or is the only way to keep going back to the illustrator file with the cads and change the cmyk breakdown manually each time i change them in Indesign?


      Hope this makes sense

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign will only "see" the CMYK breakdown in the Illustrator files. It cannot alter them.


          You will have to open the illustrator files and correct the colouring.



          The only way would be to:


          In Illustrator:

          1. Use Spot Colours for the colour of the items - uniquely named to easily distinguish it in InDesign.


          In InDesign:

          1. Create a CMYK colour - then change that to SPOT but leave the CMYK model.
          2. In the Swatches Panel - go the menu at the top right - and choose Ink Manager.
          3. Tick the option for "Convert All Spots to Process"
          4. Next - still in the Ink Manager - go to the colour imported from Illustrator and click the coloured box to the left
          5. In drop down box at the bottom, select Ink Alias - and choose the colour you created in InDesign



          To view the result go to View>Overprint Preview.

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