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    Live Captions using Data Merge


      Got an issue which I hope you Data-Mergers out there can help me with, wrt Live Captions.


      My data merge file contains text and picture links which all import fine, happily creating my 30 page document from my 30 line csv file.
      I now wish to add a 'live caption' for the picture so that the 'metadata' is held below the picture.  So Ive set that up and all works fine on my sample test where I simply paste the picture into my image placeholder of the document, the caption is populated correctly.


      BUT when I attempt to do this via a data merge, the text and image is placed correctly but my caption box is not. Then realised in order for this caption to be populated, I needed to select the menu option 'Captions>Generate Live Caption' in order for the caption text box to be updated.
      However, I will ultimately have about 230 lines of datamerge picture links so don't really like the idea of having to update for each picture, especially if the metadata is contantly updated.


      Is there something I'm doing wrong, or maybe a global setting Ive missed ?
      Many thanks for listening