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    Image text wrap adversely affects balanced paragraphs - help needed


      I have CS5-5.  I'm no expert but I've been using the program for a number of years to design flyers, brochures, posters and short booklets. Now I'm on my first magazine and I thought all the new balanced paragraph features would make the job a breeze - it hasn't! So, I have an A4 sized page with a two columned text frame that fills it (also have text flowing onto next page if that's relevant). Body text is 10pt with 12pt leading. All good so far. I used balanced paragraphs at first to have the two columns of text lining up horizontally. Looked good. However, as soon as I drop an image into the mix, the width of a  column (bottom left of page), simple text wrap, the text changes in  a most unsatisfactory way. Text above will not come down to meet the top of the image no matter what  I put in the text wrap measurements or which type of wrap I use. Also the text to the right of the image no longer goes down to the bottom of the text frame. The problem is further exacerbated when I incorporate a pull-quote as a separate object.

      I then turned off the balanced paragraphs feature and used a baseline grid instead, taking up several of the suggestionson another discussion and also using advice elsewhere on the net. Useful in a sense as it helped me to learn more about what the baseline grid does but I am still left with my problem.

      I may be wrong but I don't think I'm asking the program to do anything complicated. It's not as if the text has to wrap all round the object. I know I could achieve the effect I want by using single column text frames and getting the text to flow from one to the other but surely this isn't how it should be? If you like I can send screen shots but I'm not sure that would help. I'm writing this in the morning in the UK so I know many of you will still be sleeping. However, as soon as you've had your first coffee of the day, perhaps you could give me a bit of help? Needless to say, any advice anyone could offer would be very gratefully accepted.


      Best wishes to all,