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    Increment dates

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      Working on a form that's sort of a timesheet.  How would I fill in other fields based on an initial date ??  IE: Field-A, a date/time field gets filled in.  I'd then like to automatically fill in another 13 fields for the time period with dates based off Field-A. In advance - many thanks.

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          Presume that your Date field has the value pattern as DD/MM/YYYY


          You can convert it's rawvalue into number of days using the following script in FormCalc


          var firstDate = Date2Num(DateField1.rawValue,"DD/MM/YYYY")


          now firstDate will have the number of days since epoch.


          Next step you can add 1 to the firstDate and convert it back into Date Object using the following syntax


          secondDateField.rawValue =  Num2Date(firstDate,"DD/MM/YYYY")


          Similarly you can do it for all 13 date fields.



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            Thank you.


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