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    How to solve the author index alphabetization problem

    RodneyA Level 3

      I've had a problem with the way Indesign alphabetizes indexes of names, and having found a solution, I thought I'd post it.


      In short, the problem is shown by this series of names, which Indesign alphabetizes strictly by letter, ignoring spaces and commas:


      Yu, C. 59

      Yu, E. 356

      Yun, S. H. 36

      Yu, X. 95


      Normally in a list of names you'd want all of the "Yu" names first, then the "Yun." But Indesign sees that the X in "Yu, X." comes after the N in "Yun," and sorts accordingly.


      It turns out you can solve this (tediously) by inserting the last name ONLY in all of the Index entries' "Sort By" field. That is, "Yu, C.", "Yu, E.", and "Yu, X." are sorted by "Yu," and "Yun, S. H." sorted by "Yun."


      What isn't obvious is that even though all three Yu's are supposed to be sorted the same, Indesign will actually sort them by the first initial, so the result is as desired:


      Yu, C. 59

      Yu, E. 56

      Yu, X. 395

      Yun, S. H. 36