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    inDesign to editable pdf


      hello. I have a brochure made in indesign cs5. i want to export this brochure to pdf, but the text fields to remain editable in reader. is that posible? how can i do that?


      i understand that the touch up tool want work because it's not available on reader, only in pro


      the option i found is to rebuild the brochure in acrobat and add text form manualy and enter the text as default. but there are many pages and a lot of the text.


      many thx

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I think CS5.5 has somewhat better form production, but there's probably no way you are going to escape a lot of work in Acrobat.


          But you mentioned the touchup tool not being available in reader, so I'm not sure waht you really want out this file. Is it just to record suggested changes (the sort of thing one would do with a touch up)? If that's the case, you can enable commenting in Reader if you open it in Pro.