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    Main Video on Multi-State Object Won't Stop Playing!


      In InDesign CS5. I have created an Interactive PDF that has a Mult-State Object of videos.

      I have One main video and 4 thumbnail videos set up in a gallery formation. So when the user clicks the main video or the thumb nails the different states change.


      However when a user clicks on the main video the video sounds as if it is being played twice with an echo. When the user clicks to pause the video...the video stops and the audio continues to play, but without the echo.

      However if I choose a video from the "side-bar" first the videos play perfectly fine without any echos.


      I cannot figure out why if the main video is selected it plays twice with an echo and the audio continues when I press pause.

      But how everything works perfectly fine if the user chooses the videos form the thumbnail "gallery"


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!