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    Kiosk Mode Director app on Mac OSX

    edb00 Level 1
      Have Mac Director project but need to stop kids from force quiting the app etc by hitting the various function keys and force quit combinations.

      found link

      But how do I roll this kind of thing into Director short of writing my own xtra. Or has soeone out there already done it

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          You would set up your kiosk to be in Kiosk Mode outside of Director.
          You can use the app that is linked to on that page, I think, to do that.
          Once it is in Kiopsk Mode, then you would just set Director's exitLock
          function (it is in the publish settings). If the exitLock is on, then
          there is no way to close the app (unless you code one in). And if you
          have your Kiosk Mode setup, then no one can get to the Force Quit menu

          Make sure you set up some way for you to close the app, though, like a
          combination of keypresses or a password or something. Otherwise, you'll
          need to reboot to shut it off.
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            edb00 Level 1
            Mike, guess I don't understand your reply??

            My Director project is a standalone application not a Shockwave file.

            So any setting of Kiosk mode would have to be done from within my Director app -- also its my understanding that switching apps in OSX resets any keystroke limitations to the defaults

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              Kiosk Mode is an OS level thing. It has nothing to do with Director or
              your file in specific. You set the OS to Kiosk Mode so it will turn
              off the ability to use the dock or force quit or other such things.
              While your program is running, since the user can not do any of those
              things, they can;t shut down the program. As long as you set the
              exitLock as I recommended.

              There isn't anything that you need to do from your Director program to
              turn on Kiosk Mode. It is something that would be done before your
              program starts.
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                edb00 Level 1
                I must be having a brain fade but in all my years of using a Mac I've never seen a simple checkbox etc for Kiosk mode.

                Can you be mare specific please
                Is this a system preference that would be set? In vhat section?

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                  Dude, you are the one that found the link you posted in your original
                  email that went into detail about kiosk mode and it linked to an
                  application that helps set the settings. I am just working off what you
                  already know, since you posted it.

                  My point is that you can not use Director to harden your OS. Well, you
                  probably can with shellXtra, BuddyAPI, and some hardcore inner-workings
                  knowledge, but you will be better served hardening your kiosk, then
                  working your Director project into that.