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    Premiere Pro cs5 and Canon 60D export issues


      Hi there guys...

        I recently bought a canon 60D and imported my first movies into premiere pro for editing. When I tried to export my finished movies I noticed that no matter how many different codecs I changed my High Def movie would only export in a frame size of 720 by 576 and not 1080 by 1920. Even when I ticked the "Match Settings" option it would remain the same..! Up till now I was shooting with a handheld sony camera, and when I imported the MTS files and exported them, there were no such issues with the frame sizes and the high def quality I should be getting, (like in the original movies I imported).

        I read here in a similar post, (about a NIKON model), that before importing the movies, one should change the extension of .mov, (that comes with Canons and Nikons), to .mpg....well I did that, and it worked...I got the frame sizes I wanted in the export dialog, (1080 x 1920). Is this the correct way of doing things though..should I really have to change the extensions like described above...??

        To test another theory out, I started a new project, changing the import settings this time to this:

      * Sequence Presets: found the Canon XF Mpeg2 1080i25 50i

      ...and imported my movie once again. When I reached the export dialogs, I got the correct frame sizes for PAL format.


      So is this correct...?? Should I set these settings in new sequences from now on, eventhough I have no idea what the "Canon XF" stands for and if I loose the original video quality..???? I always shoot in Full High Definition at 25 fps in PAL..what are the correct settings for this...??


      Any help/advice in the above would be appreciated....!!!