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    Wacom Tablet Mapping Bug Only in Photoshop


      I am using a Graphire Wireless Wacom Tablet on a Windows 7 PC at work. I installed the most recent drivers, and it works flawlessly in a duel monitor setup, and I have no trouble mapping it however I would like.


      This is all great until I launch Adobe Photoshop (CS4). Upon launch of the program there is some kind of bug, and suddenly the mapping acts as if both displays were squished into only the primary display. I can toggle between displays, and instead of toggling between display 1, 2, and both, it toggles between the left and right half of the screen and the whole screen. The other monitor is still functioning normally, only the mapping of the tablet is effected, and as soon as I close Photoshop, it reverts back to normal.


      I did find one posting with the same problem, but it was resolved my installing the updated drivers, which I already have, and the discussion was closed. Any help I can get would be great.