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    Premiere Elements 9 Won't Capture DV Footage




      I'm a tech teacher and my school purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 9 in the fall for our video production classes. It has been working alright with our flip cameras ("alright" means that it freezes a lot but that's another story). However, it will not recognize our DV cameras when we try to capture footage via firewire. We are using the Canon Mini DV ZR960, and the Premiere Elements 9 manuel says that it does support DV cameras. I have tried this on different computers, with different firewire cables, and on different DV cameras. Still no luck. The capture window just stares at me with grayed out buttons that are unavailable. At this point, I have spent hours on the phone with Adobe and they just keep transferring me without any solutions. Can someone please help?


      Thank you!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          First and foremost, are you absolutely sure you're using an IEEE-1394 and not a USB connection to your computer? (You should also check with your IT department and ensure they don't have your FireWire connections locked out. 100% failure on several computers seems awful high!)


          That said, are you using a Mac or a PC? Which version of either operating system are you using? The 32-bit ot 64-bit version?


          If it's a Windows computer, is Windows recognizing your connection to the camcorder? If so, you will likely see the camcorder icon on the right side of the Taskbar.


          Meantime, you definitely shouldn't be seeing freeze-ups when downloading from a Flip cam. You're not downloading to your network, are you? Premiere Elements may not work on a network. Your media should be stored on an internatl drive.

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            joanna.harmon Level 1

            Yes, I am positive that I am using an IEEE-1394 (these are the firewire ports that we use to capture footage to Premiere Pro 3 and it works). We are using PCs and they are 32-bit. The operating system is Windows 7. We tried a 64-bit machine and it also does not work. Windows is recognizing the cameras because the icon does pop up. We are not downloading the files to the network, we are downloading them to larger internal drives that we had installed in the computers to be designated for large video files. In regards to the freezing problem, I have just been thinking that this is a normal thing that Premiere Elements 9 does until you said that this is not normal. The frames are usually either skipping and looking robotic or just freezing the program altogether (especially when students are editing with titles, effects, and transitions).

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Is the video project you're using your Flip video in set up for Flip video? (The telltale sign is, when you add the clips to your timeline you do NOT see red lines above the clips. If you're seeing red lines above the clips, your project is incorrectly set up.) Flip video from an internal drive should NOT be freezing or playing poorly when played from and internal hard drive.


              I'm not sure what's going on with your miniDV capture. It's possible Premiere Elements isn't properly configured. But 100% failure on several machines? That's very strange.


              But that said, you can capture the video with another program -- Premiere Pro, the standalone utility WinDV (free) or even Windows MovieMaker -- and the files will work in Premiere Elements.


              Your problems are not typical by any means though. I wish I could get in their and root around in your computers. I'll get I could get them configured to work. Whenever you deal with Windows machines, you find some that work better than others. But 100% failure on 100% of the machines?!! That's definitely a sign that something is very wrong somewhere.


              Meantime, this may be worth trying -- even though it technically applies to Windows 7 64-bit.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Not sure how this might behave in PrE, but several PrPro users have found that the exact order of things, can impact whether PrPro will see the IEEE-1394a miniDV tape cameras. This order seems to differ make to make.


                Some found that they needed to attach the camera to the computer, but not turn it ON. Then launch PrPro, and then the Capture module, and THEN turn ON the camera, in VCR Mode. For some other cameras, one needed to turn the camera On, and then launch PrPro and finally the Capture module. With a few, one needed to launch PrPro, then turn the camera ON, and finally launch the Capture module.


                Again, do not know if the order of things will play any roll in the Capture in PrE, but might be worth investigating.


                Good luck,



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                  joanna.harmon Level 1

                  In regards to the flip camera problem, I do have the students set their projects to Flip Mino Ultra 30p (Flip Mion HD and Ultra HD 30p if their using HD cameras). Should I be having them set it to 29.97p instead? For some reason I thought that flips shot in 30 FPS but I could be mistaken.


                  If Premiere Elements isn't properly configured, is there a way to figure out what it is missing? Would a re-install hopefully set things the way that they are supposed to be? Or could we be missing extra upgrades or CODEC's?


                  We have been converting footage through Premiere Pro 3, but it's just frustrating jumping through hoops when we purchased the software thinking that it would work both with our DV cameras and our flips.


                  Thanks for your help and any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    Joanna, please tell us whether or not your students see red lines above the clips on the timeline when they add Flip video to it? That's the best way to tell if your projects are properly configured or not.

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                      joanna.harmon Level 1

                      Yes! They see tons of red lines! I'm used to working in Final Cut Pro, where red lines just mean unrendered files. So I have been having students render their work area in Premiere Elements and then the lines go to greeen after about a 5 minute render (which is unusally slow for a 1 minute video)....

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Then you're not using the correct project settings for Flip video.


                        When you do use the correct settings, it should play very smoothly (and there should be no red lines until they add effects or transitions to it).


                        As with Final Cut, the red lines indicate a need to render. But you shouldn't need to render your video until you do something to it.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          In PrE, the red lines tell you one of several things:


                          • As Steve says, when they immediately show, when Clips are dragged to the Timeline, it indicates a mis-match between the Source Files, and the Project's Preset.
                          • Next, they indicate that something has changed in the Clip, and for smoothest playback, Rendering will be necessary. That change could be the addition of an Effect, or perhaps some sort of overlay, such as a Title, or PiP (Picture in Picture).


                          This ARTICLE goes into a bit more detail on Rendering.


                          Good luck,



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                            joanna.harmon Level 1

                            Great! Thanks so much!!


                            So about Premiere Elements not capturing DV footage... Do you guys think that a re-install might be useful or worthless? Or do you know of any updates it might be missing?



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                              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                              As I've said, if you're getting 100% failure on 100% of your computers, it's not a simple problem that can be fixed with a simple reinstall.


                              If Windows is seeing the camcorder, I'd play around with Premiere Elements' settings. In the Capture workspace, click on the >> menu in the upper right of the panel and play with the Capture Settings and Device Manager. There's a switch that isn't being flipped or something.


                              It could also be a conflict with another program on your systems (Nero is notorious for this) that's not giving Premiere Elements access to your hardware.


                              But, again, 100% failure on 100% of the machines??!! This seems to indicate that something is intentionally set to prohibit you from doing this. Odds are that, even if this is just buggy behavior, at least one or two computers would still be able to do it!


                              BTW, have you tried John Smith's Legacy Driver Fix link above? It usually does fix this kind of thing. Also, have you gone to Windows Update/Custom to see if there are non-critical updates to the operating system? It's important that you at least look.

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                I am not normally a fan of the uninstall/reinstall mantra (that is item one, or so it seems, on the Adobe Technical Service "script"), but here, it might help.


                                PrE w/ a fully functioning miniDV tape camera, functioning FW cable and functioning FW connector, you SHUOLD be able to Capture within the program.


                                First, let's recap, if we can. I know that some of this has been mentioned above, but I'll try to compile a list, to get all of the info into one place:


                                1. In Edit>Preferences>Capture, what is checked?
                                2. Does the Canon function with other programs?
                                3. Does the FW connection function with other devices?
                                4. Does that particular FW cable function elsewhere?
                                5. Is there a tape in the camera?
                                6. Is the camera's Mode set correctly (should be VCR, IIRC), and turned ON?
                                7. Does that tape in that camera Capture in other software?
                                8. Did you attempt to alter the order of turning things ON?


                                I think that that covers about all possibilities, and if we rule them all out, then something is just not correct.


                                I have a similar Canon (ZR 70), and it Captures fine in either PrPro, or PrE 4.0, with no issues. The Adobe Capture module sees the camera, as does my Windows OS (bing-bong sound, upon turning it ON), and I have full Device Control. Now, different camera, though similar, different OS and different version of PrE.


                                Good luck, and hope that the solution is staring at us.



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                                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Also, check to see if any these are still free, and see if they work


                                  SD capture http://windv.mourek.cz/ or http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html or http://www.exsate.com/products/dvcapture/

                                  Do note that the demo version of ScenalyzerLive puts a watermark in the files it creates

                                  - I'm told that the OLD version of Scenalyzer is freeware... check the download page for details