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    Table of Contents basics is baffling me

    DRM4GOD1 Level 1

      Hi, I'm wondering if I understand TOC correctly for InDesign CS5.5.


      I have a 50 page document, headers with a header style on the top of almost every page, which is what I want each "chapter" to be in my TOC.  I want the TOC to generate a list of the header text titles, with the preceding page number, as follows:








      I want the page number to start as 1 for the first header, not page 1 as the TOC, since the TOC is page 1 of the doc now. 


      My paragraph style is called HEADER for the headers on every page, and TOC TEXT to format the text of the headers in the TOC.  What do I do to get this to work, if this in fact what ID does?  All the help I found is way too confusing.  Thanks for any direction.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          TOC uses page numbers. That's kind of the point, no? They help your readers find which page to turn to. If you just use a numbered list, the numbers there don't relate to the pages where they'll find the content.


          So there are two possibilities. You really do mean for the letter from the president to be on a page that carries the number 1, in which case you need to start a new section at that page and start numbering at 1 (Pages panel, right clic on the page icon, and choose Numbering and Section Options), or you mean to have a numbered list, in which case you build that into the style you apply to the TOC listings.

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            DRM4GOD1 Level 1

            Peter, thanks for the quick response. Yes, I want the page numbers to appear before the headers, I thought I made that clear.


            What I thought is that TOC would list the exact text of each of my headers from my document with its formatting from its style, and also list the page number it appears on.  I only need page numbers in the TOC of each header section, nothing else.


            Disregard what I said about Page 1.  Whatever page number the header appears on, that's what I want to appear in my TOC with the corresponding header.  Can this be done, and how?  I've been messing with the TOC settings, but the settings are very confusing, and I put a section marker before each header, but I got all undesirable results.


            This feature setup needs a major overhaul.  The way it's designed is one of the most confusing things I've seen in the suite.  I'm about ready to just list my headers and page numbers manually, and if I move a page, just edit the TOC again.  This is far too much work for such a simple output. I appreciate this is easy for you as an expert, but this is the first time I've tried to use this feature, so it is what it is.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              This is very straighforward. If your headings have a style assigned (and they need to if they are going to work with TOC), you choose that style to include. All of the text in aparagraph to which taht style isaasigned should show up in the TOC upt to the character limit, which I believe is 256 -- more than most headings would have.


              You do need to click the more options button inthe dialog, though, to show all you will need to position the number and designate the separator. The following illustration shows the number after the lisitng and aligned to the right edge of the column using a right-indent tab:



              Note that I have used a different style, TOC Callouts, here to format the actual listings differently from the way the headings look in the text.

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                DRM4GOD1 Level 1

                Peter, it worked briefly, and then I realized I needed to change some of the headers to not be included on the TOC. So I duplicated my HEADER style, applied the duplicate style to the ones I did not want in the TOC, tried to modify the settings in TOC, and now nothing works.


                I have the following:

                HEADER - style that needs to be listed in the TOC (only applies to select headers on select pages)

                HEADER TOC LIST - style that is formatted for how I want the TOC text to look


                WHERE do I put these styles in the TOC setup to get this to work?  Another screenshot would be great, or just a simple explanation.  It doesn't appear that the TOC updates even with it checked in options.  And sometimes, it doesn't even allow me to update.  When it does update, I get bizarre or blank results.  Thanks again.

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                  Daniel Flavin Level 4

                  You have built the TOC once, from the initial gerneration of it, you would only need to use  Layout  > Update Table of Contents.

                  I have done less than 100, more than 5 TOC's, yes, they can be a struggle for a while.


                  The dialog shown will affect how your TOC subject matter is styled as I read your last message.


                  TOC Dialog.png

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                    DRM4GOD1 Level 1

                    Daniel, that's exactly what I have set, and nothing happens.  Possibly the problem is with how I insert the TOC.


                    I have my cursor flashing where I want the TOC to be located.  I go to TOC STYLES and put in my settings and say OK and nothing happens.  I also don't get the option to update.  I've tried deleting the TOC style completely and re-entering it, to no avail. 


                    There is only specific header text with the HEADER style applied that I want in the TOC.

                    There is a style set up called HEADER TOC LIST for how I want the TOC to look.


                    What the HECK is going on?  This is a brand new install.  Thanks.

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      TOC needs to be it's own story, not threaded to anything else. Are you doing that? If you try to put it in a frame that has other content, it will remove the content, and if that content was what you were using as a source for the TOC, it will have nothing to look for.


                      Are you sure you left some paragraphs withthe included style applied to them?

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                        Daniel Flavin Level 4

                        The TOC Styles dialog will let you define - it will not generate a TOC at that point.

                        From the Layout Menu, if Update TOC is grayed out, than a TOC has not been generated yet. (The satisfaction of deleting the first bad TOC is fine, it may slow the pulse rate).

                        The cuser needs to be in the TOC frame to update, 


                        TOC Dialog 2.png TOC Dialog Update.png

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                          DRM4GOD1 Level 1

                          Well, I'm not sury why, but one time after I looked at the style setup, I said OK and it said "do you want to include offset type?" (another story I resolved).  when I said OK, it loaded the cursor with the TOC, which I had not seen before. When I selected the page, it loaded the TOC itself as a separate unit.  Before that, it had not done that, very strange.


                          Anyway, I had some ragged tabbed lineups on the TOC headers tabbed over from the page numbers, and that turned out to be the section markers I had put in unnecessarily.  Removed those, problem solved.


                          I wanted to bold the page numbers only in the TOC, so I created a character style and applied that directly to each page number, that worked great.  I also entered it in the TOC style, just to be sure.


                          Lastly, I have a few pages where my header wraps to 2 lines, and I want it to break at certain places (like after a colon or semicolon), and there is SPACE AFTER for formatting reasons in the style.  If I do a hard return where I want the header to break it gives me duplicate pages in the TOC.  I will post that as a separate entry, since this issue has been resolved, except for one last thing:


                          The page numbers, when they get to 2 digits, left align, and I'd prefer they right align.  I looked in both character style for page numbers I set and the TOC style, and I can't seem to find that option.  How is that changed?  Thanks!