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    PE9 Timeline corruption


      If I zoom timeline back from about midway the thumbnails become all mixed and messed up making it impossible to edit. If I zoom back in the mess cleans up.


      I have updated the drivers for my nVidia 8800 card and nVidia 680i motherboard and keep Win XP Pro Sp3 bang up to date, etc. I have Intel Core2 Quad CPU @2.66GHz and 2.75 GB of RAM. As I am now doing more adventurous editing this is becoming a serious issue.


      My PC dealer assures me that I have he best hardware for the job even though it is approaching four years old. Can anyone suggest a cause and remedy please? Thanks.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have not read of such a situation.


          Normally with a GUI display issue, my first rec. is to update the video driver, but you have already done that. Am I correct that you did that update from the nVidia Web site, and not let some utility, or Windows do the update?


          In the Video Track's Header, there is a little icon, that toggles the Thumbnail Display through about four variations:


          1. All
          2. First
          3. First & Last
          4. None


          I would try toggling the Thumbnail Display, through that range, and testing.


          Good luck, and wish that I had more to offer.



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Also what model of camcorder is your video footage coming from and what format is it in?


            When you set up your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select? If you selected the best project settings for your video, there will NOT be red lines above the clips when you add them to your timeline. Is this the case in your project?

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              bmc1500@aol.com Level 1

              Gentlemen, thanks for your prompt responses. To answer your questions in no particular order:

              All updates are from the manufacturer(s).


              I've had this problem for a long time but tried to live with it. It happened also in PE3.


              Until recently I was using two different Sony HDR-HC3 cameras (and a low cost Sony DCR-HC37E for hazardous places!) all recording DV in standard definition and putting .avi files to hard disc.

              Recently I've changed to a new Sony CX700 which is AVCHD and the problem still persists.


              For DV the settings are:

              General: D1/DV PAL Widescreen 16:9 (1.4587), Lower field first, Capture: DV, Render: Microsoft AVI DV PAL,

              Playback:DV 25 720x576i  A/R conversion: Hardware,  24p conversion:


              For AVCHD:

              General: HDV1080i 25fps 1440x1080  HD anamorphic 1080 (1.333), Upper field first, Capture: HDV, Render: I-Frame only MPEG

              Playback: (same as for DV, above)


              The AVCHD settings were, I think, selected by the software as I was out of my depth setting this up.


              I have tried to follow the "Clean, Lean, Mean, Machine" advice given elsewhere and all video files are on a seperate internal SATA drive (7200).


              There are no red lines. Normal editing all works well. The big problem is zooming out to move clips around, etc. - there are ways round but it is really tiresome!


              Thanks, Patrick, Gloucester, England.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                I'm not sure why you're using HDV project settings for an AVCHD video project.


                I'd also recommend you up your RAM to 4 gigs.


                You may also want to run Advanced System Care's Deep Care tune-up. You'll be surprised how many of these mystery logjams it cures.


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                  bmc1500@aol.com Level 1

                  I'm not sure either! What settings would you suggest for AVCHD please? This is all new to me after 10 years with DV.


                  I have actually got 4Gb RAM fitted but I understand that Win XP is 32-bit and cannot 'see' it?


                  Have just downloaded Adv Sys Care and run it but no change. I was already using AVG's PC Tuneup anyway.


                  Here are screenshots of the problem:


                  Timeline Full.jpgPic 1. Note the pic under the cursor is not the pic on the monitor and the general 'mess' after scrolling.


                  Timeline closeup.jpgPic 2.  Close up of same problem.


                  Timeline return.jpgPic 3.  Note blank thumbs immediately after switching back from PhotoPlus edit program.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    That looks like a classic display driver issue, but then you say that you have the very latest driver.


                    Not sure what else could cause such a mess.



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                      bmc1500@aol.com Level 1


                      The 'mess' actually occurs from the moment that I swing along the timeline with the bottom slider, after zooming out.


                      By way of experiment I have replaced my nVidia 8800GTX video card with an ASUS HD 5450 Radeon/AMD card and the messed up timeline was exactly the same! Therefore I do not think the video card can be at fault?


                      Steve G. commented:-

                      I'm not sure why you're using HDV project settings for an AVCHD video project.

                      Can any one advise me of correct Project settings for outputting Std. Def. to DVD from footage shot on Sony CX700 AVCHD camera, because I am confused about this?


                      Thanks, Patrick.