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    CS5.5 iOS App Graphics Quality


      Hello Adobe community,


      Thanks for helping me out today. Here's my issue: I am designing my whole app in photoshop and currently in the process of moving all of the images to flash to add interactivity. The promblem is, when we put the app on the iphone the quality of the graphic is lowered for some reason.


      When I am building in photoshop my settings:

      640px by 960px

      72 ppi

      Saving out as a .jpg


      When I send the jpg as a picture to my iphone 4 and view it in my "Photos" app, it looks great, but on the test app it loses quality.


      Does anyone have anyone have any idea whats going on here?



      If I left something out that could help please tell me so I can add it!


      Joe Solito