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    text jumps chapters in epub conversion


      I am trying to convert my indesign book file to .epub in CS5. I have 51 chapter files organized in a book file. The biggest problem I am having is that the chapter titles, which are in seperate text boxes above the body text, keep jumping ship when I convert the the book to epub. There will be a text box that says Chapter 3, for example, but instead of being at the top of chapter three as it appears in the file, "chapter 3" will appear right after the body text of chapter 2. The body text of chapter 3 will seperate as it is supposed to, but the chapter titles move backward, except for the "chapter 1" text box, which flew all the way to the end of the book.


      none of the epub tutorials from adobe or other sources talk about text migrating from file to file in a Book, I really need some help with this

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          First, You need to learn a bit about HTML and CSS if you're going to work on epubs. HTML don't understand for separate text boxes in a text flow.

          You need cut and paste inside the text to remain the position, otherwise it will go to the end of body text. Or can do like table and edit with html.

          2. when you export to epub, on the contents options, you turn on the option "break document at paragraph style..."?

          After all you really need edit the epub after export in html editor.